The Boston Giving Truck

freightliner step van 02 300x176 The Boston Giving TruckThis year our fundraising efforts are in full swing with a target goal of raising $50,000 to launch The Boston Giving Truck.

Budget conscious non-profits have begun to follow the food truck model, achieving street level mobility and operational success. Run Littlefoot is going to incorporate this strategy into our charity operations by launching The Boston Giving Truck. The goal of the project is to establish a mobile collection and distribution channel to improve lives through quality footwear. The project will allow us to increase our services and better aid dispersed communities throughout the city.

With The Boston Giving Truck, we will be able to expand our reach and provide an increased support for over 6,000 homeless and many more families living below the poverty level in Boston. The freedom of mobility from an operational truck will increase our capacity for handling footwear, and allow us to better aid local communities. Individuals will be able to visit The Boston Giving Truck to donate footwear, and learn about recycling and staying active.

We’re funding the launch through foundation grants, corporate sponsorship, and individual donors. If you’re an individual that wants to help launch this project, hit the ‘donate now’ button on the right. If you’re a company that wants to put your name and logo on the truck and sponsor us, shoot us an email here ->



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