IMG 0581 225x300 AboutRun Littlefoot is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to improving lives through quality footwear. We’re solving a growing need for footwear by recycling and upcycling locally. The goal of our work is to instill a daily confidence in people that comes with having a great pair of shoes to put on every morning. Run Littlefoot exists to help people live happier and healthier lives through active and functional footwear. We also recycle old worn out footwear, diverting it from the trash and helping to keep our city clean.

Recent News

We’ve launched our Boston Give-Back-Bags. Now you can mail us those shoes sitting in your closet. We’ll send you our mailable footwear bag with a pre-paid shipping label on it. All you do is throw a pair of old shoes in and drop it off at a US Post office (or schedule a pickup at your work or home).

We were asked by Boston Magazine to handle the shoes donated by Boston Marathon runners featured on their cover photo.

We put a donation drop off bin at the South Boston Running Emporium, stop in to pick up new shoes and drop off your old ones.

Runners World gave us a nice write up!

The Problem

There are over 6,000 homeless and 90,000 people living in poverty in Boston. Access to a good pair of shoes is limited for the homeless who live in shelters and on the streets. Without the means to purchase quality sneakers and winter boots, wet and worn footwear take a toll on the feet of people who spend their days outside. There are 300,000 shoes thrown away every year in Boston, ending up in landfills or incinerators, when almost all of them are recyclable.

The Solution

We’re capturing footwear that would otherwise be thrown away, distributing the best pairs to homeless and low-income families, and recycling the rest. Our programs offer an opportunity for residents and businesses to upcycle unused footwear back into their communities and ensure that quality footwear is not thrown away, but offered to those who cannot afford to purchase it.

We serve the communities of Greater Boston and surrounding towns. The population we serve is comprised of low-income and homeless individuals, with a focus on supporting families and children. Our services concentrate on three initiatives:

  • General footwear needs for homeless and low-income families
  • Business shoes for the unemployed enrolled in job-training programs
  • Emergency assistance footwear

For 2013 we’re looking to expand our operations by launching The Boston Giving Truck.

Contact Us with your questions, to set up your company shoe drive, or to become a sponsor of The Boston Giving Truck!

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